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Your Edmonton Mortgage Broker: Natalie Wellings

What my clients are saying....

"I just received your card and I wanted to say thank you for everything you did. You made this process so much easier and I don't know what I would have done without you."
Ms. Dent

"Thank you so much for all your help and I will definitely recommend you for anyone looking for a mortgage. You made the process easy and less scary for us being first time home buyers and we really appreciated it."
The Labelle's

"Thank you again for everything you have done for us thus far! Like I said before, you are one of the most helpful people I have ever dealt with! I really believe that we would not be where we are without all of your help!"
The Kowalds

"We are so happy in our new home! I wanted to thank you again for all of your help. You made our purchasing process easy and stress free."
Candace and Jacob

"I was a little weary about dealing with a mortgage broker at first to be honest, but I am really happy my Realtor recommended you to me. Thank you for making my first home purchase such a breeze. Doing something as big as buying a home can be intimidating, but you made it a good experience. I will definitely recommend you to other people in the future."

"On the whole, I think you have been very thorough, very attentive in handling our needs, and a true pleasure to work with. We have appreciated everything you have done for us so far, and look forward to continuing to work through you in the future. June 2017"
Ryan & Carla

"You were fantastic. Honestly, it was a completely different experience working with you than it was with the mortgage broker on our first home. You were great! -June 2017"
The Lloyd's

"I would like to say that I really appreciated all of the work and time that Natalie provided to me during my very long search for my perfect home, a three-year odyssey through one of the most challenging home markets I have experienced in the Edmonton area. She proved to be diligent about keeping in contact with me, ensuring my file was up to date and always letting me know of the best lenders and rates that were available! Her kindness, professionalism and in-depth knowledge in her field provided me with the best suite of options available for my specific situation when it came to finalising my mortgage and closing the deal on my new home. Natalie has shown to me that she is resourceful, able to respond quickly to a rapidly changing situation and very on-the-ball when it comes to responding to any calls or questions I had, and I never had any doubt that she was always working for my best interests. My last few days of closing had a few hicupps, but Natalie was there with me for every step of the way, always keeping me informed and letting me know what my options were and putting in her best effort to ensure that everything moved forward. Thanks Natalie!"
Ms. Gill- September 2017

"Thank you so much for all of your help during the home buying process. I am very happy with the way everything worked out and I am getting settled in and have officially made my first mortgage payment (yikes!)."

"At the start of 2013 I began to entertain the idea of purchasing a condo. I am a University student, but I had worked hard the previous summers and saved up enough money for a down payment on a condo. My parents agreed to co-sign with me on the mortgage and so I made the decision to buy a condo in downtown Edmonton. Everything was going fine, I was in contact with a major bank, the financing was looking good, and I had found a place I liked. From there things went downhill the best way to describe the next 4 weeks is one giant nightmare, that is of course until I was put in contact with Natalie. On the recommendation of the bank I was dealing with, I lifted conditions on the condo I wanted to purchase before I had been approved for mortgage insurance. I had already put 10K down and was simply following the advice of the bank because they were the 'experts'. After not hearing from my bank for a number of days, I eventually showed up in person, and confronted my broker who had been dodging me all week that he was not able to get insurance for my mortgage, and more than likely because I had lifted conditions I would not receive my money back and there was a real possibility I would be taken to court for losses incurred to the sellers. I was devastated and did I mention exams were coming up? From there on the advice of a lawyer I went to another major bank, who were excellent. The processed my paperwork in a matter of days, not weeks as was the previous case, unfortunately they too were not able to get mortgage insurance because both CMHC and GE are reluctant to insure condos for first time buyers, something that was totally out of my control. Finally in desperation by recommendation of my real-estate agent I turned to Natalie. To say Natalie was a lifesaver is an understatement. She was quick to jump on my file, was in near constant contact with me, and constantly reassured me that she was working her hardest to resolve the problem. I cannot thank Natalie enough for everything she has done for me. In summary, I moved into my new place on April 6th, and I could not have done it without her. She was able to get my mortgage insured and resolve all outstanding problems. If you are at all hesitant about choosing a broker I can promise Natalie is the very best, you won't be making a mistake!!"
Alex F.

"Thank you Natalie, and thank you so much for all your tireless efforts. You make things so much easier for your clients. I always really enjoy working with you. I sincerely appreciate all the work that you put into my file."
Chris W.

"As we unpack our last box and have the relief that we are finally "settled" we remember all the help and advice you gave us. Purchasing our first home was a wonderful experience, thanks for all you did."
The Carters

"Natalie's practice is professional. Natalie is a fine human being. I would recommend Natalie to anyone, because she gets the job done!"
Thomas Cunningham

"Natalie, I had a great experience working with you. I was really happy about how prompt you were at answering my questions, and that you really seemed to listen to what I was looking for and responded to that. I felt like you "went the extra mile" (not to sound too corny), and I'd definitely recommend you to my friends and family without hesitation."
Ms. McCabe

"Our overall experience was excellent. You were very helpful and pleasant to deal with. You answered all of our questions clearly and gave us all the information. To make our decision easier, you kept us informed of any rate changes or rule changes that may have affected us. We were very satisfied with the service you provided and we thank you very much. If we had questions, you got back to us with answers very quickly. I've already boasted about the service and rates we received to a few friends, and strangers, and if I hear of someone thinking of buying I will definitely give them your information! Thank you very much for everything!"
The Near's

"My overall experience using Natalie Wellings as my mortgage broker, in one word, excellent! Natalie is knowledgeable and resourceful, she answered all my questions and if there was anything she didn't have an answer to, she made the effort to find the answer. Natalie was available when i called and when I left messages she got back to me promptly. I never once felt i couldn't reach her. I am very happy with her services. Natalie surpassed my expectations! I recommend her to all who is looking for a mortgage broker! Natalie is phenomenal in her field!"
Ms. Taylor

"Here's how I would describe Natalie: professional, knowledgeable, patient, & understanding....and to top it all off, she returns emails & phone calls promptly! Call her, you won't regret it."
Laurie S.

"Natalie, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all your help purchasing my new home and getting my mortgage set up. Your kindness and genuine concern were most appreciated and made this first time experience much less intimidating! I couldn't have done it without you!"
Ms. Herlick

"110% satisfaction on all fronts Natalie!! You are in a league of your own."
Mr. & Mrs. Fetter

"Natalie was wonderful to deal with - even though we were long distance she handled everything in a timely and professional manner! This was the best process we have ever been through with a move. I would highly recommend Natalie- call us "Raving Fans"!"
Mr. & Mrs. Thorn, August 2012

"I have been recommending Natalie as a mortgage broker since 2007 and will continue to in the future! I always want to ensure that I am referring my clients to exceptional service professionals, and Natalie has never let me, or a client down. She is always polite, informative and prompt to respond to any questions that I, or my clients, have and she does not lead people astray with empty hopes or promises. It has been a pleasure working with Natalie over the years, and my clients continue to express their satisfaction with her services!"
Lisa Brown, REMAX 780-886-9166

"I had a very positive experience using your services. Being as this was my first venture into purchasing a place, I felt very comfortable dealing with you. I was very happy with where I ended up with the interest rate, and was very pleased you kept me in the loop when there was a decrease to my initial interest rate. All of my questions/concerns were answered in a very timely and effective manner. I was happy to be provided with all the information pertaining to my purchase, I never felt like there was things being withheld. I also appreciated you helping me out advice on things like insurance, taxes, and other stuff I had to take care of. I described my experience to my friends and family with high praise; I felt you did what you could to get me a good rate, you are very friendly and approachable, very knowledgeable, and did well in explaining everything to me (mostly kept it simple for me to understand). I am happy to have had a great experience with you and hopefully we can work together again in the future."
Mr. Hui

"You provided so much help to us. You were patient, and answered all our questions clearly. You helped us understand the process and we felt we were in good hands with someone so knowledgeable. You were lightening fast with your responses and we were super impressed with your quickness. We have already recommended our friends to you and they expressed happiness with you too. Will always recommend you to anyone I know in need of a great mortgage broker who is experienced, knowledgeable, caring, and actually returns calls and emails! You exceeded our expectations in a mortgage broker. Don't ever change!"
Eric & Christina

"We were not even entertaining the idea of using a mortgage broker for our recent purchase, but on a referral we contacted Natalie. It turned out to be a wise decision on our part! She worked with us to find a great mortgage, but even more important she provided us with so much more information than I've ever received from any of the banks I've previously used. She has a wealth of knowledge about how the transactions work, put it all to us in terms we could understand, was in constant contact with us, and generally made it a stress-free transaction. We'd definitely use her services again, and wouldn't hesitate recommending her services to friends and family."

"We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and your service was superb! We were well taken care of and you answered all of our questions. You were also very quick to return calls, information and emails as well! Really great experience for us. Thank you so much!"
Lynne & Dean

"Our experience was very positive and we didn't feel pressured. We always felt supported and encouraged to make the best decision for us. I would describe your service as very reliable (will find the best rate and the best solution specific to our needs), supportive and friendly!"
S & K Briegel

"Natalie, thanks for all your hard work, patience, support and honesty through the whole mortgage process."
The Beauchamps

"My boyfriend and I had an incredibly awesome experience working with Natalie. We were first-time homebuyers and therefore had a ton of questions about the process. We knew that Natalie had our best interests at heart and that she was working hard for us. She was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. Whenever I would go to her because I was worried about the process, she always put my mind at ease. We were very satisfied with the final mortgage solution we received, especially in regards to our interest rate. I would absolutely recommend Natalie to friends and family. She treated us like friends, very personable and comfortable to talk with and we appreciated that."
L. Ladner

"In our professional world, integrity and good service are essential aspects when it comes to recommending service providers. This is especially true for mortgage lenders. When I refer my clients to a mortgage professional, I am risking my reputation when it comes to such a referral. One of these professionals that I would highly endorse is Natalie Wellings from Mortgage Success. My referrals to her are consistently followed up in a timely manner, and my clients have always been extremely happy with the high end professional service that they were given. Professionalism, attention to detail, consistent follow-up, and confidentiality are some of the aspects that would describe Natalie. In addition to these qualities, Natalie is an absolute pleasure to work with. My clients always trust my judgment, and I will continue to recommend and endorse Natalie Wellings to my clients and colleagues."
Peter Taylor, Sotheby's 780-916-7653

"It was great to work with you, you made it an easy and smooth process. Your professionalism showed through and through, from beginning to end. I won't hesitate to recommend your mortgage services and expertise to anyone who requires it."
L. Mah

"I would definitely not hesitate to recommend Natalie Wellings' services as our experience working with her was a very positive one. Going into our first home venture and dealing with all the different things that can come up with a mortgage were explained very patiently and efficiently by Natalie. At a stressful time for us of leaving family and familiar surroundings her calm voice of reason made the whole experience a much nicer one. When we popped by her office or called last minute with a question she always made time for us or called back promptly which did not go beyond our notice. Thank you so much! Keep up the good work!"
J & B Walker

"Natalie Wellings was very helpful, professional and willing to go the extra mile. She was always a pleasure to deal with. We were very pleased with the options she provided to us... she presented several possibilities that would meet our needs. She was very efficient, providing the best customer service that we have had in a long time. As a professional, she also offered additional information to help us make the best decision possible. Our phone calls were always answered/responded to promptly. Again, it was a pleasure dealing with you and we would not hesitate to call you or refer friends/family/co-workers ....Thanks again Natalie!"
Kristine S.

"Thanks so much for making our first home buying experience fun and stress free. You took so much time and explained everything so well. We really appreciate all of the time that you spent with us while we bought our house, as well as all the questions you have answered for us since then."
Lindsey and Jordan

"I found Natalie Wellings to be very helpful and always on top of each step of the process. I was very pleased with the mortgage solution she provided. Her response to every question was prompt and well informed. Natalie was very quick to address each telephone call and advise when I would get an update or an answer. I would very much recommend Natalie to a friend. She was absolutely wonderful to deal with, just an all around great experience. Thank you Natalie!"
Betty M.

"We would like to thank Natalie Wellings for going above and beyond in helping us obtain our mortgage. She was always so kind and answered every question promptly. She was always very friendly and made us feel important. We wish Natalie all the best in her future. We would recommend her to anyone."
The Nimchuk's

"I am a client of Ms. Wellings and can advise that my experience with her was a very good one. Natalie Wellings has handled a couple of my purchases and one transaction was not the easiest. She made herself available at odd times. When she didn't know the answer to a query, she endeavoured to find out and come up with a solution and got back to me in a timely and courteous manner. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone."
Kim U.

"Natalie's easy to locate in any room as she's the one with the cape on. Being as I was purchasing my first home at 41, I didn't have a clue about what was involved. I had plenty of people telling me what I should do but they lacked the absolute knowledge to help me. My Real Estate agent knew of a lovely mortgage broker and said she'd be just the one to ask.......I did. Nat had her work cut out for her with me as a client, buying a house isn't easy, and there are so many little issues that a lay person doesn't understand. I am now living in my first home and Natalie Wellings had EVERYTHING to do with it. I will NEVER be able to thank her for her tireless work on my behalf and as soon as I have the means for a second property ........SHE (in the cape) will be the only person I will go to. You're never going to know what she did for me unless you give this lady an opportunity to show you just exactly how good she is. You're an incredible broker Nat, but better yet you've become a wonderful friend."
Mary S.

"As a first time home buyer, we were very leery of the process. Natalie took the time and answered all of our questions very effectively (and there were a lot of questions)! Whenever "panic" struck, Natalie was a quick phone call or email away. She genuinely wanted to understand our personal financial situation, and find the perfect mortgage for us. We are now proud owners of a beautiful home! Without hesitation I would recommend Natalie Wellings as a mortgage broker!"
Jerry & Kirstin H.

"Natalie made the purchase of our family's first home a breeze. Her knowledge and awareness of the current real estate market and selection of quality lenders is second to none! Her prompt replies and friendly attitude made our first home purchase a breeze."
The Buhler Family

"My overall experience with Natalie Wellings was very satisfying. She provided the best rate possible in the market at the time. She pulled our credit reports ONLY once and dealt with the lender directly to get the best rate for us. The best part was that she provided great after-sale service, and was easy to contact afterwards to answer the many questions and concerns I had last summer. Natalie is very professional and courteous. I was so pleased with my experience that have recommended her services to other people I know that require a mortgage."
Rajiv J.

"I was buying property in Edmonton and was given Natalie Wellings' name by my Real Estate Agent. I had been told how efficient and good she was. Efficient for sure! I called and she answered her phone-this was on a weekend!! Any other time I called and left a message I'd receive a call back within minutes. This was my experience through the whole purchasing process. Any questions I had were answered in a professional and timely manner. Natalie made things 'Happen' and put her 'ALL' into the service she provided for sure! I would definitely recommend Natalie to a personal friend!"
Donna C.

"Natalie always returned my phone calls or e-mails quickly, she understood the market well, and knew which bank would offer me the best rate and service. Finally, she had a very pleasant attitude which made one of the most expensive purchases of life a lot easier to navigate!"
Steve A.

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