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Your Edmonton Mortgage Broker: Natalie Wellings

Mortgage rates have become more complicated than ever.

It used to be that you could phone a Mortgage Broker and ask what the 5 year rate was and we’d have a quick answer for you. One rate for every situation. Those were the good old days! It is not this way anymore. Everything changed in October 2016 when the Government made some sweeping modifications to mortgages.

Rest assured, Mortgage Brokers only offer the most competitive rates from our pool of lenders. However, mortgage rates now differ depending on a variety of factors such as whether or not the mortgage is insured (through default insurance) or conventional (not insured with default insurance) or whether the property is a rental property or owner occupied.

Please phone me, or send me a quick email, and I will be able to quote you an accurate mortgage rate based on your unique situation.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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