Real Estate News

2017-07-19 Average Canadian house worth $504,458 in June, down 10% since April - CBC News

2017-07-07 This expert says one country has an even bigger housing bubble than Canada - BuzzBuzzNews

2017-07-05 Home prices to remain flat across Canada in 2018, says RBC - is this... - Global News

2017-06-28 Spending on home renovations in Alberta soars to record high $1.8B - CBC News

2017-06-21 Canadian home sales fell 6% in May, but prices still higher than last year - CBC News

2017-06-19 Why are home prices in these 3 markets rising faster than Canada's? - BuzzBuzzNews

2017-06-08 Canadians’ preference for online mortgage transactions is growing... BuzzBuzzNews

2017-06-02 What more can policymakers do to cool Canadian housing? Lots, says the IMF - BuzzBuzzNews

2017-05-27 Canada home resales fall in April as market cooling begins: CREA - BNN

2017-05-21 Here is how many first-time buyers are opting for condos across major... - BuzzBuzzNews

2017-05-20 Average Canadian house worth $559,317 last month, up 10% in past year - CBC News

2017-05-18 Canadian home sales slow in April as Ontario's foreign-buyer tax takes hold - BuzzBuzzNews

2017-05-16 ANALYSIS 'The worst scenario': What if Canada's real estate bubble bursts? - CBC News

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Mortgage News

2017-07-21 Canadians' credit in good standing despite a surge in household debt - BuzzBuzzNews

2017-07-17 Canada's banks increase prime lending rates - BNN

2017-07-14 Interest rates have finally increased: How that could affect your loans - CBC News

2017-07-12 Bank of Canada increases overnight rate target to 3/4 per cent - Bank of Canada

2017-07-10 What to expect from the Bank of Canada's overnight rate announcement... - BuzzBuzzNews

2017-06-30 CMHC to pay $4B special dividend to federal government - CBC News

2017-06-26 Canada inflation rate cools in May, making July rate hike less likely - Reuters

2017-06-23 3 things to consider about how higher interest rates will impact Canadia... - BuzzBuzzNews

2017-06-16 Mortgage delinquency rates low in Toronto, Vancouver despite high prices: CMHC - CBC News

2017-06-14 Bank of Canada's Poloz: Rate cuts have largely done their work - Reuters

2017-06-12 House prices and debt loads a growing concern, Bank of Canada says - CBC News

2017-06-05 CMHC insurance volumes plunged 41% after mortgage rules tightened - CBC News

2017-05-30 By giving up avocado toast or lattes, how quickly could you save... - BuzzBuzzNews

2017-05-26 'Homeowners are not prepared': Survey shows 20% of Canadians don't have a rainy day... BNN

2017-05-25 Mortgages make up nearly half of Canadian seniors' debt - BuzzBuzzNews

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