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June 21, 2017 | Posted by: Natalie Wellings

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value”- Albert Einstein

Mortgage Brokering is extremely competitive. Not only are we competing with our fellow Mortgage Brokers but we are also competing with the big banks, which are HUGE institutions with large marketing budgets and resources. Over here at my office, it’s just me! I am the CEO, Marketing director, accountant, and mortgage underwriter as well as a client service rep. It’s a lot of hats to wear! I often wonder if consumers really understand the value of getting their mortgage through a broker, versus a bank branch employee.

If I am being completely honest, I am not a huge fan of using social media to constantly self promote my business. I am a pretty low-key person, in general, and I don’t like to boast or brag so it sometimes makes me a little uncomfortable to write social media posts about what I do. But, this is the reality of the business world today and social media must be a part of business promotion.  In the spirit of shameless self promotion, here is a working example of what I feel, is a HUGE difference between dealing with a bank employee and a dedicated Mortgage Broker on a mortgage transaction.

In the vast majority of cases, your mortgage will go through without a hitch. However, in very rare circumstances issues can arise on closing (when your file is at your lawyer’s office ready to fund). Yesterday, I had a typical, busy day at the office, I headed to the gym (my after work stress relief) and when I left I did a quick check of my emails. I had a panicked email from an underwriter at 6pm last night with a big issue on a file that was set to close today. Let me tell you; I went into full-on disaster aversion mode. I immediately hit the phones and emails to do what I could to figure out a solution to the problem (not easy to do after business hours are over) so closing would not be delayed. The issue was not one that I had any hand in creating, yet my job, as your Mortgage Broker, is to figure out a solution so your mortgage will fund, on time. In a real estate transaction, there are so many players involved. There is the seller (who just wants their money on possession day) who may have a purchase transaction hinging on the sale of their property, you’ve got two realtors and lawyers on both sides. If a deal falls apart at the last minute you can bet, it’s going to be a huge issue for me, regardless of the reason for the collapse.

I worked all night on this (who needs to eat dinner!) and by 9pm or so, the client and I had figured out a solution.

My point of writing this is to ask, have you ever received service like this from a bank branch employee? Someone willing to dispose of the evening they had planned, at the drop of a hat, to solve your problem? I often say, you will never know the value of a good Mortgage Broker until you are in the midst of a problem. If a problem occurs you need someone to jump into the trenches with you and battle it out until the problem is solved, not hide behind their voicemail or email.

By using me as your Mortgage Broker you get this level of service AT NO COST TO YOU! You do not pay anything for my time, or service! Mortgage Brokers are paid by the institution that funds your mortgage. And, you will find, that brokers often beat the rates offered by the major banks. How can you go wrong with a broker?

Last night was one of the most stressful nights of my career but my client’s mortgage will close on time. Disaster averted.

Please consider a reputable Mortgage Broker for your next mortgage; we will work hard for you!

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